Back to School Giveaway Application 2023

IIMPRINT is a social networking platform focused on mentorship. The platform is dedicated to: 1) increasing communication networks and accessibility between youth and career-driven adults; 2) displaying minority representation in a variety of fields; and 3) offering mentoring opportunities to assist with personal and professional development.

The Vision of IIMPRINT is to connect Mentees and Mentors on a new level. We want professional relationships to grow and provide resources, tools, and knowledge like never before.  IIMPRINT serves as a hub for professional networking, a database for tutorials, information and workshops, and an institution to learn. No matter the age, background or geographic location, anyone can enter IIMPRINT as a safe space centering around the growth and advancement of themselves.

Therefore, we are happy to announce our “Back to School Giveaway” for students of all ages!

Deadline: September 29,2023 (11:59 PM EST)
Please send applications to [email protected]

Eligibility:  Students must meet these criteria to be eligible. 

  • A student currently enrolled in school.  
  • Registered for IIMPRINT

Eligibility:  Students must meet these criteria to be eligible. 

  • Completed Application
  • Report Card or Unofficial Transcript 2023 for school confirmation.


  • Elementary School: $50 worth of school supplies
  • Middle School:  $50 worth of school supplies
  • High School: $100
  • College: $250

For any additional scholarship questions, please contact our support team at [email protected]


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