IIMPRINT is focused on mentoring through a social networking platform. IIMPRINT is dedicated
to: 1) increasing communication networks between youth and career-driven adults; 2)
displaying minority representation in a variety of fields; and 3) offering mentoring opportunities
to assist with personal and professional development. We aim to accomplish these initiatives by
creating an atmosphere concentrating on developing leaders, cultivating skills, increasing
accessibility to specialized career fields with resources and providing the tools to navigate
through life.

IIMPRINT aims to serve minorities, specifically in frequently under-served communities. The
program will be available globally, as a social networking platform. Through IIMPRINT,
mentoring will no longer be impacted by limited accessibility; anyone with a phone, computer
or tablet and WIFI will have access to our services and resources.
In the past, mentoring programs have been limited to small, local communities and the mentors
living in those communities. IIMPRINT is a solution to the narrow approach because we are
determined to reach as many individuals as possible. There is no better place to connect people
than through the internet. IIMPRINT also resolves the issue of time restrictions and availability.
Through the interactive boards, Mentees will have access to several Mentors with a diverse
wealth of professional and life experiences.


IIMPRINT aspires to connect Mentees and Mentors on a different level. We want professional
relationships to grow and provide resources, tools and knowledge like never before. IIMRPINT
will be a hub for networking, a database for tutorials, informationals and workshops, and an
institution to learn. No matter the age, background or geographic location, anyone can enter
IIMPRINT as a safe space centering around the growth and advancement of themselves.


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