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A Letter from the Founder


Growing up, I was frequently asked “What do you want to be when you are older?”

In response, the standard answers my peers would choose were teacher, lawyer, doctor, or
athlete. While the aforementioned are excellent professions, I always wondered if these were
my only options and would I have the opportunity to encounter different paths before I made a
decision. Fortunately, the older I became, the more I learned and experienced, I discovered just
how many diverse career avenues existed.

As I continue to grow in my perspective, I noticed one of the reasons there were these default
selective career-paths was a means to limit access to varied career-oriented individuals.
Presently, the limitations to access to minority youth due to economic or social disadvantages
has become staggering. The gap is widening between those with and those without. 

As a result, I wanted to create a platform for youth to engage and develop relationships to help navigate and facilitate a safe space for personal and professional growth, known as IIMPRINT( Infinite Impact Mentoring Program Reaching Individuals by Network and Teaching).

I truly believe that one cannot be what they do not see or have access to. This principle is the
foundation of not only professional development, but also personal advancement.

It is my hope that IIMPRINT will foster a new way of thinking and understanding in regard to the Mentor-Mentee relationship. I was fortunate to have experienced these fulfilling relationships throughout my life, whether I was a mentee or mentor. In my experience, from both sides, I was able to evaluate the practices that work for the benefit of the relationship and take note of places that need improvement for the new generation. 

Sha-ri Jenkins

Founder of IIMPRINT




  • Guide and expose younger individuals to career fields by documenting their journey
  • Continue learning and network with other mentors
  • Provide support to others in the network.


  • Seeking to  gain knowledge in different aspects of life and committed to growth and developing skills
  • Willing to receive support from others in the network
  • Willing to challenge themselves


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